8 Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary
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8 Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Marriages may be made in heaven but happy ever after on earth takes hard work, patience and a little creativity. Here are eight suggestions to mark that happy occasion.

Take a vacation

A holiday can bring you and your other half closer together because it takes you both away from the daily hustle and bustle of work and family so you enjoy quality time with only each other for company - you may even learn to have fun with each other again!

In a relaxing and romantic environment, you can take the opportunity to rediscover each other, and reignite the feelings of love and affection in your relationship. Travel sites such as Skyscanner come with a holiday planner feature with ideas and solutions for destinations and logistics.

Retrace your first date

You may not have told her how many days you spent mustering up the courage to pop the question, or how long you took to plan your first date. You may also have refrained from informing her that you didn’t eat much because you were so smitten by her eloquence and beauty.

This time round, follow the same itinerary but throw in a little surprise at every stop. For example, if you had spent the afternoon watching a romantic comedy at the cinema, you can still pick a current film from the same genre but upgrade your experience to Gold Class. If you personally prepared the food that didn’t turn out so great for your first picnic, then spring for a basket from a gourmet grocery.

Give back to the community

Take a leaf from Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, who have been married for three decades and are together worth in excess of US$92 billion. Their namesake charity foundation, established after witnessing the extreme poverty in Africa after a trip in 1993, has an endowment of over US$40 billion.

Contributing to a cause allows a couple to rediscover their mutual passions and values, and boost their sense of companionship. Giving.sg lists volunteer opportunities according to dates, locations, and experience. These range from selling flags to video editing to cleaning the homes of needy elderly.

Undergo a photoshoot

If you have your wedding dress and tuxedo in storage, alter them to fit your current stature and take a portrait that mirrors your favourite wedding shot. It would be fun to compare shots from the two eras.

Alternative, come up with a different concept altogether, but discuss it with the photographer to make sure it is achievable! One important decision is where you want to have the photos taken - Singapore’s humid weather may force you to keep things indoors if there are numerous outfit changes or if the concept requires warmweather clothes. It could be refreshing to attempt a more casual approach, such as wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. If you have children, you two should discuss if they will be participating in this session.

Sign up for a class

Taking a class you both have interest in is a good way to bond. Do something physical, such as dancing. It’s an excellent way to stay fit as it burns between 360 and 450 calories every hour - comparable to brisk walking.

More importantly, dancing requires you to work together as a twosome: your bodies are in close contact, your eyes are constantly meeting, and you move in rhythm together. Such physical and emotional proximity heightens the sensual and romantic feelings you have for each other.

Swing, with its lively lindy hop tunes and buoyant beats, has been garnering popularity among couples.

Enjoy an adrenaline rush

If the two of you are adrenaline junkies, then an activity in this category is the perfect way to spend time together. If neither of you are thrill seekers, here is news that should motivate you: there is scientific proof that couples who embark on heart-pumping activities rather than sedate ones end up more physically attracted to each other.

How about going skydiving? Check out Skydive Singapore. If that’s too extreme, try iFly Singapore on Sentosa: a wind tunnel will recreate conditions similar to an actual skydive. If water is more your element, then swim with the sharks at Underwater World, also located on Sentosa.

Say it with flowers

There is something super-romantic about red roses — it’s not surprising why they are so popular whenever Valentine’s Day draws near. Red roses are thus a wonderful way to show your love for your partner. Make sure you attach a handwritten note that expresses a sincere sentiment.

By now, you should already know your partner’s favourite flower. Instead of roses, giving a bouquet in that variety of flower is also a meaningful gesture, and shows that you’re thinking out of the box. Again, a personalised note is vital.

Music matters

Is there a song that is especially meaningful to the two of you? Arrange for it to be played over the radio and get the DJ to read your dedication to that special someone. Alternatively, if your dinner location has a band or a DJ, slip the waiter a note requesting for that special song to be played.

And when you hear that familiar tune starting, ask your partner for a dance or simply cuddle - he or she will surely appreciate that you remember that special song.