Joyous Spring Celebrations at Fat Cow

  • April 1, 2022
  • 1 minute read

Come Spring 2022, Fat Cow welcomes the season with a limited-period Haru Matsuri special! “Haru Matsuri” refers to the Spring Festival in Japan. With Fat Cow being a luxurious Japanese restaurant, this is an event and menu not to be missed!

Fat Cow’s Haru Matsuri special consists of three a-la-carte options to choose from, as well as a larger spring-themed omakase – only available between 23 March and 15 June. On top of that, starting 11 April, Fat Cow will also offer exquisite cocktails in partnership with Roku Gin, specially for Haru Matsuri.

A newly created dish, Fat Cow’s Takenoko Seri Ae features bamboo shoots boiled with fragrant dried peppers, quality rice, dashi, as well as a vibrant blend of seasoning mixes containing sansho peppers, salt and miso sauce.

In honour of the season of spring and renewal, Fat Cow has also revamped their Chef’s Table Omakase to include fresh seasonal produce. This version is available in the Sumire (Lunch) Omakase and the Nagoyaka (Dinner) Omakase.

Located at Camden Medical Centre, do not miss this chance to enjoy the atmosphere and gastronomic delights of the Japanese Spring Festival right here in the heart of Singapore.

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