For centuries, food has been a necessity and pleasure around the globe, reflecting cultural identity and build connections between the places and people.
Check out the food and recipes from around the globe here.

One-Pot Recipes
  • 4 minutes read
A lot of families celebrate the Lunar New Year by having pen cai and steamboat. What other one-pot dishes are there in the world that are just as tasty and filling? Cooking a meal does not have to involve the use of multiple pots and pans. One-dish cooking is an efficient way to make use of meat ...
Bon Appétit
  • 4 minutes read
HAPPY BELLY, HEARTY GRUB A F&B business strive to revitalize the local dining scene, a desert café that turns into a steakhouse by night has stepped into the spotlight. If you are a foodie, you’d know that Serene Centre and its neighbourhood are peppered with gems. For starters, facing the ...
Café Hoppers
  • 2 minutes read
A third wave of coffee has crashed upon our shores in the last decade, and left a veritable froth of espresso bars in its wake. As the foam subsides, which cafés are left still standing? In this industry, longevity indicates both great coffee and a sound business plan, and we present five stalwarts...
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