Working Out the Truth: 8 Exercise Myths

  • August 1, 2020
  • 2 minutes read

Myth #1: “Running on a treadmill puts less stress on your knees as compared to running on hard ground.”

While it is true that treadmills are designed to absorb some of the shock and impact from running, it’s advised not to totally let loose and run for hours on one. Other important factors like wearing the correct shoes and having the right running gait also make a difference when it comes to the amount of stress on the knees.

Myth #2: “Doing crunches will get rid of flabby stomachs.”

It is true that crunches do help tighten the waist area, resulting in the appearance of a smaller waist. However, washboard abs are unachievable by purely doing crunches alone, as a change in diet and cardio exercises are required as well.

Myth #3: “Sweating is a good indicator of how hard your workout is.”

Each individual is different when it comes to sweating, which makes this myth untrue. Sweating is a result of the body preventing itself from overheating; and it could also be caused by environmental factors.

Myth #4: “Women shouldn’t lift weights because it’ll make them look bulky.”

Lifting weights will help build muscles but the truth is that women will not bulk as quickly as men do, due to lower testosterone levels. The reason why this myth persists: When you lift weights without watching your food intake or incorporating regular cardio exercises, you do not actually reduce your body fat content which is necessary to achieving a defined muscular appearance.

Myth #5: “The older I get, the less exercise I need.”

Actually, the older we are, the more important it is to have regular exercise to maintain flexibility and strength in the joints and muscles; as well as stimulate the heart and lungs.

Exercises that increase bone density and build muscle mass are also important to prevent osteoporosis. Furthermore, as we get older, metabolism slows down and it becomes harder to maintain a healthy weight without regular exercise.

Myth #6: “I don’t need to exercise if I’m already at my ideal weight.”

While it is a good accomplishment to hit a healthy weight, it is the maintaining it that is the harder task. If you continue eating at the same rate but stop burning off the extra calories, your weight will start to climb again.

Myth #7: “The kind of exercise I do doesn’t matter; I just have to do it for a long time to get results.”

This is not true. Exercising effectively – doing certain types of exercise to meet certain goals – will help you see results much faster.

Myth #8: “As long as I exercise daily, I can eat whatever I want.”

No amount of exercise can counter a bad diet.

Exercising well is only part of the solution to leading a healthy lifestyle – doing it smart and motivating yourself makes it easier and benefits you in the long run. Just make sure not to overdo it and take breaks when necessary!

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