Stand United with LIULI’s Latest Art Piece, “Indomitable Hearts”

  • February 1, 2020
  • 1 minute read

Based around the concept of unity, LIULI welcomes the Lunar New Year in 2020 with a heartwarming and unique glass sculpture – Indomitable Hearts.

It illustrates the twelve Chinese zodiacs all coming together to pull out a white radish that is bigger than they are. This shows how even though individual efforts may be small, combining them can result in a greater outcome.

Each zodiac’s expressions are different and convey a different meaning. They are, starting from the left: Knowledge (Rat), Diligence (Ox), Ferocity (Tiger), Cautious (Rabbit), Steadfast (Dragon), Gentle (Snake), Courage (Horse), Ease (Goat), Nimble (Monkey), Persistence (Rooster), Loyalty (Dog) and Peace (Pig).

A variety of floral patterns can be seen and they represent the three auspicious treasures alongside the money tree and treasure bowl. A masterpiece symbolizing camaraderie and teamwork, one is sure to want to display this on their living, study or work space.


LIULI is borne from the ancient art of glass casting that combines technique and material with emotion and imagination. Established in Taiwan in 1987, LIULI has mastered the pâte-de-verre technique which blends and moulds finely-ground glass into luscious glass artworks; making founder Loretta Yang one of the most influential Asian glass artists of our time.

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