The world is so vast and there are so many places yet to explore.
Here are some destination ideas for your next vacation and tips to make your trips fuss-free.

Great Luxury Train Journeys
  • 2 minutes read
The point is not getting from point A to point B, but the adventure itself, and some of the most luxurious train rides in the world promise just that, an in great style. Blue Train, South Africa Touted as a moving five-star hotel, the Blue Train has hosted kings, presidents and celebriti...
Property Perfect Unveils Master Plan For Kiroro Resort Development
  • 1 minute read
Pristine mountain resort in the heart of Hokkaido emerging as Asia’s premier alpine destination. Kiroro, is an undiscovered gem located in the heart of Hokkaido, away from the crowds of other nea...
Stylish Hotels In Epic Landscapes
  • 2 minutes read
Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) has launched three new romantic hotels in breathtaking destinations including Comporta in Portugal, Raa Atoll in The Maldives and Santa Teresa de Cobano in Costa Rica. Each hotel blends into its natural environment, surrounded by lush vegetation and offering un...
Not The Usual Souvenir
  • 2 minutes read
Forget about touristy gift like I LOVE NEW YORK T-shirt and Koala-shaped tissue box holders. Pick mementos and gifts that capture the spirit and taste of the place your visit. The lesson in this – before you step into that souvenir shop, think about what authentic sensory experience you can bring ...
10 Tips To Save Time At The Airport
  • 3 minutes read
From before you get to the airport to check-in to behaviour at the departure lounge, this article provides time-saving advice for the air traveller. Tip #1: PLAN AHEAD Research the best and fastest way to get to the airport. Visit airport websites, read traveller reviews, and get advice from ...
Tantalising Taiwan
  • 4 minutes read
An abundance of nature, a cultural haven, plenty of good food and one of the most hospitable people in the world – you can’t go wrong with a vacation in Taiwan. Not convinced? Read on for eight reasons to visit the island, once known as Formosa or beautiful island in Portuguese. 1. WARM, HOS...
Home Away From Home
  • 1 minute read
If you are impressed by your stay at Montigo Resorts, Nongsa in Batam, why not consider purchasing a one-bedroom studio apartment under the resort’s ownership scheme? A total of 85 seafront-facing units have been planned, and the first phase involves 35 units that range between 1,033sqft and 1,704...
72 Hours In Chiang Mai
  • 6 minutes read
Blessed with majestic mountains and a climate cooler than Bangkok’s, Chiang Mai is great for those who love a laid-back adventure. While modernisation is slowly transforming this northern Thai city, its distinct flavour of street vendors, night markets and magnificent temples remains robust. Da...
Spring In Japan On A Road Trip
  • 2 minutes read
Japan yields beautiful scenery and extraordinary experiences no matter what season. If you are going to Japan this spring for a road trip, here are some top picks to put on your list of must see. MUST SEE IN SPRING Beppu Umijigoku – the “Hells of Beppu” is an assortment of peculiar ho...
How To Prepare For A Driving Holidays
  • 3 minutes read
Living on an island where it takes a mere 40 minutes to travel from end to end, road trips across the border into the vast regions of Malaysia or even Thailand offer an alternative for a replacing excursion without the hassle of getting on a plane. Every road trip is memorable in its own way and ...
Springtime In Japan
  • 2 minutes read
Japan’s picturesque scenery makes it worth a visit any time of the year but spring is a particularly attractive season to plan a trip to the land of the rising sun. Hanami, the custom of flower viewing, has been part of Japanese culture since time immemorial. The beauty of the flowers in spring...
Top Destination To Visit In 2019
  • 2 minutes read
It is no surprise that Sri Lanka is listed in several leading “Top 10 places to visit in 2019” list, as this island south of India serves up an abundance of rich sensory experience, and with style to spare. Here is why. Firstly, few places with the size like Sri Lanka could offer so many dist...
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