Take a sensory trip to Seoul at NAE:UM Episode 5 ‘Front Yard Barbecue’

  • March 5, 2023
  • 1 minute read

NAE:UM by Chef Louis Han is a One Michelin-starred restaurant serving contemporary Seoul cuisine, presenting a tango between modern Western techniques and Korean heritage flavours. This cuisine bases itself on the culinary vibrancy of Seoul and the international influences on traditional dishes. NAE:UM means ‘a fragrance that evokes memories’, representative of its goal to create innovative dishes that also bring a sense of nostalgia to their diners.

Inspired by fond memories of his barbeque gatherings back home, Chef Louis Han presents Episode 5 ‘Front Yard Barbeque’ through a Classic and Signature tasting menu. Both menus consist of three cold dishes and three hot dishes, with placements to counter the glossy richness of barbeque food. Chef Louis reinvents traditional Seoul cuisine with mouthwatering signature dishes like a ‘duckgalbi’ snack, ‘somyeon’ noodles dish and ‘kkul hotteok’ dessert.

From 1 March 2023 to the end of summer 2023, gather around with friends and family at NAE-UM!

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