Dr Eric Hong

5 minutes read
Journey to Cardiology
The vast majority of people who cross paths with Dr Eric Hong may only know him as one thing – the cardiologist, and a well-established one to boot. But what led him to choose this high-intensity, high-stakes field, and excelling at it for over a decade? How does he juggle this demanding role with his other roles as a doting husband and father? To find out, THIS Quarterly talks to Dr Eric Hong on what his guiding philosophy is, what sacrifices and compromises he’s had to make, and where he ...
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Top Destination To Visit In 2019
  • 2 minutes read
It is no surprise that Sri Lanka is listed in several leading “Top 10 places to visit in 2019” list, as this island south of India serves up an abundance of rich sensory experience, and with style to spare. Here is why. Firstly, few places with the size like Sri Lanka could offer so many dist
One-Pot Recipes
  • 4 minutes read
A lot of families celebrate the Lunar New Year by having pen cai and steamboat. What other one-pot dishes are there in the world that are just as tasty and filling? Cooking a meal does not have to involve the use of multiple pots and pans. One-dish cooking is an efficient way to make use of meat
Bon Appétit
  • 4 minutes read
HAPPY BELLY, HEARTY GRUB A F&B business strive to revitalize the local dining scene, a desert café that turns into a steakhouse by night has stepped into the spotlight. If you are a foodie, you’d know that Serene Centre and its neighbourhood are peppered with gems. For starters, facing
Best of the Bottles
  • 4 minutes read
Love your premium tipple a little too much to consume it? We tell you everything you need to know about wine investment. Throughout history, wine has been seen as the elixir of the gods and only the privileged get to taste it. Royalty and the rich would stockpile the very best by the barrel in th
Painting A Profit
  • 5 minutes read
While the investment opportunity and returns look promising, there is still an element of risk in the world of art, so it pays to ask yourself some questions before taking the plunge. “The collector is an artist in his own way, by the way he puts things together. You can read a person’s soul
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