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From “Achoo!” to “Ouch!”
1 minute read
Did you know? Holding back a sneeze can potentially land you in hospital! Read on to find out which parts of your body are susceptible to damage from a sneeze. Sneezes are powerful Why is such a common action like sneezing so potentially harmful? This is because a sneeze can generate a violent force: when you feel the urge to sneeze, your chest contracts and your lungs expel air at speeds of up to 161km/h. By holding in your sneeze, this forces the air pressure to find another outlet, ...
Kimpton® Hotels & Restaurants Debuts in South East Asia with the Opening of Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok
  • 2 minutes read
World-class hotel establishment IHG® Hotels & Resorts brings you Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants’ signature heartfelt service and distinctive design to the heart of Thailand with the opening of Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok. Located in Bangkok’s Langsuan area, Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok offers ...
Experience A Thai Mid-Autumn Festival With Blue Jasmine
  • 1 minute read
A Thai mid-autumn celebration isn’t that different from the Chinese version that we know and love, since both cultures deign to honor the occasion with delectable treats! To commemorate this joyous event, Blue Jasmine is offering two lavish Thai feasts for a limited period only, from 1st to 30th S
Modern Taste of Asia at Avenue 87
  • 1 minute read
The newest brainchild of dynamic duo, Glen and Alex, first opened its doors in September 2020. Now, a year later, Avenue 87 is back with a facelift—a brand-new tasting menu and bar. The new tasting menu is available in 5 courses and 7 courses, features an array of nostalgic Asian favourites with a
The Future is Audi
  • 1 minute read
Audi has unveiled a new concept vehicle—the Audi Skysphere Concept; a revolutionary electric-powered, two-door convertible that will pave the road to the future. This vehicle represents Audi’s vision to becoming the pioneer in redefining progressive luxury. It’s no longer just about drivin
Maison 21G: Parisian Haute-couture Perfumes at Marina Bay Sands
  • 1 minute read
Lovers of custom perfumes and bespoke scents are in for a real treat as the luxury Parisian boutique Maison 21G re-opens its doors at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Tastefully furnished in a sleek and elegant fashion, Maison 21G’s gorgeous interior perfectly complements and enhances your per
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