1 minute read
More Than Meets The Eye
ENT Surgeon Dr Lau Chee Chong is certainly a truly all-rounded character – not one to be solely defined by his profession, Dr Lau is also a doting husband and father, professional fencer, great cook, keen fish and bird collector, exotic plant lover, and more. THIS Quarterly finds out more about the man himself and his remarkable personal and professional journey over the past few decades. As someone who grew up paying more attention to sports and other activities that fasci...
72hours In Kota Kinabalu
  • 5 minutes read
Less than a three-hour flight from Singapore is Kota Kinabalu, a destination in East Malaysia that covers all aspects a modern traveller may seek — nature, cultural heritage, good food, and plenty of life.  [title tag="h3" style="strikethrough" align="text-center"]Day 1[/title] St
The Flavours Of Island Hopping
  • 2 minutes read
The latest islander-inspired restaurant managed by Refinery Concepts opens on 1 April 2019. The all-day dining restaurant located within Village Hotel at Sentosa serves up authentic and wholesome cuisine from the tropics, in a setting that welcomes the sharing of meals and conversations. The menu ce
6 Specialty & Rooftop Bars
  • 2 minutes read
Some bars are choosing to focus on one class of alcohol. Others prefer to let their prime location on rooftops with scenic views do the talking for them. We list six spots we cannot get enough of. Bōruto A stone’s throw from the Central Business District (CBD), this industrial-chic izak
The Charm of Brazilian Design Mastery
  • 2 minutes read
Tacchini Italia celebrates the charm of the Brazilian design At the Milan International Furniture Fair 2019 Tacchini presents the prestigious reissues of the great architect Martin Eisler and the unpublished pieces of the most visionary contemporary names, along with stories of beauty resulting from
The Age Of Bespoke
  • 4 minutes read
Tailor-made, custom-made, handcrafted – these are terms that have slowly but surely been winding themselves into our everyday vocabulary. Encompassing the spirit of all of the above descriptions is the word “bespoke”. Bespoke is not exactly a new term, but it appears to be gaining popularit
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