3 minutes read
The Zen Art of Hand Surgery
With a structure as intricate, small and functional as the hand, it is no surprise that when disease or injury strikes, surgery to fix the problem requires great calm, steadiness and a steely focus on the part of the surgeon. Here, THIS Quarterly speaks to Hand Surgeon Dr Tan Soo Heong to find out what it takes to achieve such precision and control during the quietly gruelling process of hand microsurgery. The Hand – Crucial Yet Underrated While most of us do not think much of our h...
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Dr Chen Chern Yi
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr Tay Khoon Hean
Hepatobiliary & Laparoscopic Surgery
Dr Kelly Loi
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr Kieron Lim
Dr Colin Tham
Plastic Surgery
Dr Lau Chee Chong
Ear Nose & Throat
Tantalising Taiwan
  • 4 minutes read
An abundance of nature, a cultural haven, plenty of good food and one of the most hospitable people in the world – you can’t go wrong with a vacation in Taiwan. Not convinced? Read on for eight reasons to visit the island, once known as Formosa or beautiful island in Portuguese. 1. WARM
What’s Your Favourite Way To Enjoy Whiskey?
  • 2 minutes read
Whisky aficionados have devised many ways to enjoy it, but the most popular remain: Whisky aficionados have devised many ways to enjoy it, but the most popular remain as neat, with  water, on the r
Where Comfort Meets Style
  • 3 minutes read
Opened in May last year, House of MU, the latest casual restaurant at Mohammed Sultan Road, has added an extraordinary dash of flavour and form to the popular dining enclave. The first thing that anyone who enters will notice about House of MU is its modern industrial vibe accentuated with Burmes
Boss Eyewear Announces Partnership With Wu Chun
  • 1 minute read
BOSS has named Wu Chun its Asian Brand Ambassador for Spring/Summer 2019 Eyewear campaign. As one of Asia’s the most popular singer & actor, the elegant and goal-focused public figure of Wu Chun matched perfectly with the spirit of BOSS Eyewear. Focus, self-motivation and attainability
Birth Stone Bling-Bling
  • 3 minutes read
You are probably aware that birthdays are linked to astrological signs, but did you know that your birth month is also associated with a particular gemstone? Throughout history, royalty and well-heeled folks have adorned themselves with glittery gems of various shades, and it’s not just because
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