1 minute read
A New Chapter
Five years ago, in a bid to practice western medicine in a modern setting and be closer to his roots, he decided to make Singapore home. Here, Dr Alan Cheung shares with us the important lessons in this new chapter of his life. He was born to and raised by Hong Kong immigrant parents in the United Kingdom, where his father ran a Chinese restaurant to support the family. After graduating medical school, he practiced at England’s prestigious Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH), whi...
72 Hours in Hanoi
  • 5 minutes read
Hanoi is a melting pot of traditional influences and modern niceties, all fused into a marvellously exotic spirit. Here is how you can experience the best sights and sounds of Vietnam’s scooter-infested capital in three days. Day 1 Stop1: Old Quarter Upon arrival, fuel up for the day ...
VUE – The Next Iconic Rooftop Bar & Grill in Singapore
  • 1 minute read
With a panoramic view of Singapore’s skyline and the stunning vistas of Marina Bay, VUE is a luxurious bar and grill restaurant that delivers an epicurean adventure amidst a unique location. Not only that, it is also Singapore’s first rooftop spritz bar, further establishing itself as an exclusi
Street­smart Street Food
  • 3 minutes read
What is the best way to taste a country’s heritage and earns your bragging rights?  Street food! We list some must-try options from around Southeast Asia. HANOI, VIETNAM Hanoi is known as one of the world’s best food cities and you will understand why when you encounter street foo
Marvel at this Ultra-Thin, Skeletonised Tourbillon from Breguet
  • 1 minute read
In 1795, the world’s first tourbillon movement was invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet. At a time when watches were still worn vertically, it was a truly revolutionary feat (the French-Swiss watchmaker’s movement effectively negates the forces of gravity on a timepiece for great accuracy). Ever si
Make It Personal, Make It Bespoke
  • 2 minutes read
While many brands churn out fashion at dizzying speeds, some labels believe in artfully crafted, quality products to help an individual’s style and personality shine through. This is the age of instant gratification. Fashion has become a fast and furious industry, with runway looks replicated
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