Running For Health
1 minute read
If you’ve been inspired to start running, that’s a good thing – provided you do it with care. The running bug has well and truly bitten Singaporeans of all ages, if the rise of running apps and running interest groups is anything to go by. Here’s why running is great for you: IMPROVES YOUR GENERAL HEALTH Running strengthens the heart and keeps the blood and oxygen flowing strongly throughout the body. This nourishes your organs, strengthens your immune system, reduces risk of a...
Kimpton® Hotels & Restaurants Debuts in South East Asia with the Opening of Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok
  • 2 minutes read
World-class hotel establishment IHG® Hotels & Resorts brings you Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants’ signature heartfelt service and distinctive design to the heart of Thailand with the opening of Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok. Located in Bangkok’s Langsuan area, Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok offers ...
Goodbye Hangovers
  • 2 minutes read
For those of us unfortunate enough to know, a hangover is recognised by unmistakable symptoms such as your mouth tasting like sandpaper, sensitivity to sound and light, lethargy, a protesting tummy, nausea, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, impaired motor function and a general feeling of misery.
Artemis Grill Introduces Expanded Menus & Revised Opening Hours
  • 1 minute read
Artemis Grill is proud to announce two expansions to its meat platters and vegan dish menus with delectable dishes that are made from only the highest quality food products. ‘From The Grill’ Platters Artemis Grill’s Executive Chef Oliver Hyde has introduced a new segment nicknamed ‘Th
Out, Damned Spot!
  • 2 minutes read
IT IS FRUSTRATING TO HAVE YOUR FAVOURITE OUTFIT STAINED AFTER A MISHAP AT LUNCH. HERE ARE TRIED-AND-TESTED REMEDIES TO REMOVE SPOTS CAUSED BY VARIOUS SUBSTANCES. It’s lunchtime and you’re slurping laksa at your favourite coffee shop. Just when you thought you’ve managed to get through t
Kai Suites
  • 2 minutes read
THE START OF LIFE – REDEFINED The arrival of a newborn marks the beginning of a journey of joy and discovery. The first few weeks are not only crucial for mental and physical recovery, but also for bonding with the baby and adapting to life with a new member in the family. Thus, KAI SUIT
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