1 minute read
More Than Skin Deep
Glorified Beauticians. Cosmetic surgery. These are just a few of the common stereotypes about dermatologists. Today, Dr Wong Su-Ni shares with THIS Quarterly her 20-year journey as an accomplished dermatologist and lets us in on why dermatology is much more than that. “It’s a common misconception that dermatologists are just ‘glorified beauticians’,” proclaims Dr Wong, “Actually, a dermatologist is trained in the basic structure and function of the skin, in both health and ...
8 Reasons To Love A Cruise Holiday
  • 4 minutes read
With an astounding array of on-board amenities, it’s not surprising that cruising has become the fastest growing category of leisure travel over the past decade. Since 1980 the industry has grown at an average annual rate of about 7% or more, depending on the region. As the industry has expanded, ...
Street­smart Street Food
  • 3 minutes read
What is the best way to taste a country’s heritage and earns your bragging rights?  Street food! We list some must-try options from around Southeast Asia. HANOI, VIETNAM Hanoi is known as one of the world’s best food cities and you will understand why when you encounter street foo
The State Of Food & Wine
  • 3 minutes read
South Australia has a heart devoted to the art of eating and drinking well, with rolling vineyards, award-winning wines, unforgettable produce markets and year-round festivals celebrating the best food and wine. WINE UNLIMITED This is undoubtedly the wine capital of Australia, producing mo
Wheeler Dealer
  • 2 minutes read
Every car deserves a good set of tyres for comfort and safety. To enhance your driving experience, consider changing your tyres to suit your driving lifestyle and the type of vehicle you are driving. Get the right match If you are one who likes to feel every curve on the road, with the
The Senator Chronometer from Glashütte Original is Turning 10
  • 1 minute read
For ten years, the Senator Chronometer has retained its high standards of certified precision, as well as its rich history and tradition. This year, Glashütte Original is proud to celebrate a remarkable decade of a timepiece that symbolizes the fine legacy of German chronometer construction. Gen
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