1 minute read
Matters of the Heart
He embarked on this journey almost two decades ago as a cardiologist, hoping to help people in need. Today, Dr Julian Tan shares with us his inspirations and other matters of the heart. As a child, Dr Tan followed his paediatrician father into the hospitals late into the night, and was inspired to follow in his father’s footsteps. One of his favourite hobbies then was catching up on medical documentaries on television and getting drawn into the world of cardiology. Fast forward to 2019, ...
Weird Yuletide Traditions
  • 4 minutes read
If your idea of Christmas involves angelic carollers, silent nights, turkey dinner, and a pine tree decked with baubles, you may need to adjust your expectations if you are planning to spend Christmas in these countries. These five countries have some strange Yuletide practices that is worth to c...
VUE – The Next Iconic Rooftop Bar & Grill in Singapore
  • 1 minute read
With a panoramic view of Singapore’s skyline and the stunning vistas of Marina Bay, VUE is a luxurious bar and grill restaurant that delivers an epicurean adventure amidst a unique location. Not only that, it is also Singapore’s first rooftop spritz bar, further establishing itself as an exclusi
Street­smart Street Food
  • 3 minutes read
What is the best way to taste a country’s heritage and earns your bragging rights?  Street food! We list some must-try options from around Southeast Asia. HANOI, VIETNAM Hanoi is known as one of the world’s best food cities and you will understand why when you encounter street foo
Usher in the Year of the Rat with LIULI
  • 1 minute read
Chinese New Year means welcoming an all new collection of exquisite glass sculptures, crafted in the silhouette of the year’s zodiac animal, from the famed glass workshop LIULI. 2020 is the year of the “metal rat”, and LIULI has created four distinct rat glass sculptures. Based off on the o
More is More with Roger Dubuis’ All-New Minute Repeater
  • 1 minute read
For three nights in a row, from 17 to 19 October, the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai served as the perfect backdrop for the launch of Roger Dubuis’ Excalibur collection of timepieces—where else but the vibrant Chinese city to throw an epic party for a brand that exquisitely melds unbridled innova
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