1 minute read
Life’s Greatest Gifts
Through her practice in fertility and women’s health, she has witnessed both her patients’ struggles with conception and life’s miracles when a healthy baby is born. Today, obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Kelly Loi shares with THIS Quarterly about some of life’s greatest gifts and the time when she had a SARS scare during her first pregnancy. Currently the Medical Director of Mount Elizabeth Hospital Fertility Centre, she has over 20 years of obstetrics and gynaec...
Scratch That Travel Itch
  • 5 minutes read
DUBROVNIK, CROATIA If you are an avid watcher of the HBO series, you might recognise this as King’s Landing from the Game of Thrones. Walk the streets of St Dominic that link Ploče Gate with the main street of Stradun — perhaps more familiar to you as where Cersei makes her famous walk of sh...
New World Of Wines
  • 5 minutes read
As wine appreciation continues on its global upward trend, China and India are taking their places among the world’s players. They may be the oldest historical civilisations in the world but for China and India, the motivation to be a global wine-producing country has not been a top priority. But
The State Of Food & Wine
  • 3 minutes read
South Australia has a heart devoted to the art of eating and drinking well, with rolling vineyards, award-winning wines, unforgettable produce markets and year-round festivals celebrating the best food and wine. WINE UNLIMITED This is undoubtedly the wine capital of Australia, producing mo
Old World Charm Meets Ultimate Luxury in this 100-Year Old Heritage Hotel
  • 1 minute read
With a colonial style architecture dating back to 1904, the soon-to-be-opened The Barracks Hotel Sentosa sets itself apart from other luxury hotels. The ex-British military barracks have been meticulously restored with 40 amenities-filled rooms, luxurious private lounges and lobbies across two level
When Bigger Isn't Always Better
  • 3 minutes read
What’s the secret behind a diamond’s allure? Diamonds are not as rare as you might think. In 2012, the Russian government stunned the world when it revealed that it had discovered “trillions of carats” of diamonds in a desolate, abandoned mine in Siberia. The diamond cache lies within the
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