Pain, Pain Go Away
2 minutes read
Pain is a feeling that we are all familiar with – a negative sensation that serves as our body’s alarm to tell us something is wrong, and that an immediate action is needed of us to turn the alarm off. It is common for Singaporeans to seek medical aid for their pains nowadays because of better quality of life and medical care. For instance, a 2015 report done by The Straits Times revealed that the National University Hospital (NUH) and Singapore General Hospital (SGH) saw a surge in pat...
Travel Safe
  • 3 minutes read
Whether you are heading overseas for work or leisure, it is best to think of safety first. Here are various issues you should consider. From navigating a new place to appreciating its sights, sounds, people and culture, there is much to grasp and learn. The breathtaking sceneries of the natur...
The Skinny On Fats
  • 2 minutes read
Are all types of fat bad for you? If not, what kind of fat does the body actually need? For many people, fat is a bad word. The fact is, our bodies need some of it from food sources: they help us absorb vitamins and minerals (such as vitamins A, D, E and K) and keep inflammation in check; they ar
9 Health Benefits of Cinnamon
  • 2 minutes read
A common item found in kitchen pantries, cinnamon is more than just a condiment to spice up your apple pie – it has properties that could boost your health! Cinnamon trees belong to a large genus of some 250 species, most of which are aromatic. They are native to India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar a
Cased in Carbon: Roger Dubuis’ Revolutionary Minute Repeater
  • 1 minute read
Roger Dubuis introduces the Excalibur Spider Unique Series—one of its kind, having been stamped with the prestigious Poinçon de Genève which is only given to 24,000 out of 20 million watches produced in Switzerland per year. Living up to its global reputation as a serial innovator, Roge
Stand United with LIULI’s Latest Art Piece, “Indomitable Hearts”
  • 1 minute read
Based around the concept of unity, LIULI welcomes the Lunar New Year in 2020 with a heartwarming and unique glass sculpture – Indomitable Hearts. It illustrates the twelve Chinese zodiacs all coming together to pull out a white radish that is bigger than they are. This shows how even though i
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