Overindulgence Hurts Hearts
4 minutes read
With Christmas over and Lunar New Year celebrations around the corner, we prepare to eat and drink to properly celebrate the occasion. Festivities such as these set the mood and makes us feel that it’s fine to consume more than what we normally do, especially if we are guests at another person’s house. However, moderation is essential during times such as these to prevent cardiovascular conditions from developing or worsening. Holiday Feasting and Your Health According to interv...
Myanmar Moods
  • 3 minutes read
Why visiting the mysterious Southeast Asian country should be on your bucket list, plus where to sleep, what to eat and goodies to take home. The largest country in mainland Southeast Asia is also arguably its most mysterious, having been closed to the rest of the world until the better part ...
Loudspeakers For Alcohol
  • 4 minutes read
Can the shape of the glass really affect how you taste an alcoholic beverage, whether it is wine, beer or something stronger? THIS Quarterly investigates… I am seated at the round dining table in the home of Victor Ulrich, Vice President of Riedel Asia-Pacific at 9.30am on a Wednesday morni
9 Health Benefits of Cinnamon
  • 2 minutes read
A common item found in kitchen pantries, cinnamon is more than just a condiment to spice up your apple pie – it has properties that could boost your health! Cinnamon trees belong to a large genus of some 250 species, most of which are aromatic. They are native to India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar a
New Life For Old Items
  • 3 minutes read
It takes some effort but upcycling gives one enormous satisfaction, and bragging rights of a smaller carbon footprints. Considering global warning, rising sea levels, and green initiatives being promoted all around us, most would be familiar with the term ‘recycling’. It is a practice tha
JW Marriott Marquis Shanghai: New Luxury Waterfront Living
  • 1 minute read
The creative minds at Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) has finished the design of the first ever JW Marriott Marquis Hotel in China, Shanghai Pudong. Using the nearby location of Huangpu River as an inspiration, the fourth JW Marriott hotel bestowed with the title of ‘Marquis’ is primarily centere
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