The Importance of Sleeping in the Dark
3 minutes read
Many of us tend to use our mobile phones right before sleeping, and some even like keeping a night light on. However, light at night is not necessarily a good thing and may actually do more harm than good. Circadian Rhythms Before manmade lighting was invented, humans timed work and rest according to their circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythm acts as our internal body clock that regulates the 24-hour cycle of processes, which include patterns of brainwave activity, core body temperature, pr...
A Walk On The Wild Side
  • 3 minutes read
Going on a hiking adventure doesn’t mean you have to give up creature comforts. Here’s how you can spend the day as an intrepid explorer and enjoy the night in luxury. Machu Picchu by rail A visit to the wondrous archaeological site of Machu Picchu is on every avid adventurer’s buck...
A Cut Above
  • 4 minutes read
Whipping up a meal to impress your family and friends involves more than just good recipes — you need a decent set of knives as well. The first step is to understand your prep work requirements because you’ll need to use different types of knives to slice, grate, chop or cube the ingredients
For Your Convenience: Hard Rock Café Singapore is Here to Deliver
  • 1 minute read
With all the travel restrictions and some having to work from home, Hard Rock Café Singapore has decided to step up, broadening the accessibility of their food by introducing two new initiatives – ‘Doorstep Delivery’ and ‘Drive-thru’. Doorstep Delivery Initiative Do you work ne
Tidy Your Belongings
  • 3 minutes read
A tidy living space reduces stress levels and promotes a sense of well-being. Get some ideas on how to start throwing out your junk and organise your space. Decluttering has become a fashionable word in recent times, especially since the publication of Japanese tidying-up guru Marie Kondo’
Celebrating 65 Years of Corum Through Rebranding: ‘Risk is the Reward’
  • 1 minute read
Corum is making a bold move on its 65th anniversary, by going back to their roots and making preparations towards a strong future through a full-brand revamp and launching the ‘Risk is the Reward’ campaign. The strategic decision to relaunch was made last year by the brand; injecting new life
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