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  • February 1, 2019
  • 2 minutes read


When one hears the name “Lamborghini”, the image of a sleek sports car comes immediately to mind. It is rare that someone would picture an SUV instead. But that is exactly what Lamborghini has created. But it’s no ordinary SUV — it’s the world’s first Super Sport Utility Vehicle.

Named Urus, this model combines the Lamborghini design philosophy with the solidity of an SUV. You can make out the car’s sporty origins from the flying coupé line. Other iconic shapes that you can discern at once are the ‘Y’ and hexagon elements, the front bonnet with centre peak, and the cross lines on rear door. Its strength and stability come from the outstanding proportions that make it the lowest SUV on the market. It is also the first five-seater super sports car.

The interior is equally pleasing to the eye, combining Italian craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. You can customise it to be more elegant or sporty through the selection of different colours and materials, such as natural leather, Alcantara®, wood finish, aluminium or carbon.

The Urus is easy, safe and fun to drive, thanks to its ANIMA (Adaptive Network Intelligent Management) Selector, which delivers specific settings for the best driving dynamics. Three TFT screens give priority to the driver’s needs, making the overall experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Completing the top-notch driving experience is an adaptable package that includes four-wheel-steering, four-wheel-drive system with active rear torque vectoring, adaptive air suspension with active dampers, and a roll stabilisation system with continuous and immediate response.


Max. power: 650hp @ 6,000rpm
Max. torque: 850Nm @ 2,250–4,500rpm
Max. speed:305km/h
0–100km/h 3.6s


The new Performante has been reworked and is now the fastest standard production car from the brand. This is thanks to the complete re-engineering of the Performante with regards to its weight, engine power, chassis and — above all — the introduction of an innovative system of active aerodynamics known as ALA.

ALA, which stands for Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva, is an innovative system that manages active aerodynamics, adapting to your driving style and type of route you are on. It increases vertical load to lend stability and speed through curves and reduces aerodynamic resistance to assist acceleration.

The front and rear spoilers are made entirely of Forged Composites® to exploit the aerodynamics and achieve maximum performance by increasing or decreasing the downforce as required. Materials in the interior are equally sporty: the seats are made of carbon fibre, and the upholstery is made from Alcantara — all extremely light yet high-performance materials.

In addition, the car has a suspension system that can take all the hard knocks. The double wishbone architecture of the Performante’s suspension system offers a balance of usability of the vehicle and sports performance. It is complemented by an optional system of magnetorheological shock absorbers that are highly responsive to driving style and adapt easily to road conditions and driving dynamics.


Max. power:640ph @8,000rpm
Max. torque:600Nm @6,500rpm
Max. speed:>325km/h
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