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  • December 2, 2019
  • 1 minute read

Although not really a deformity, this groove extending from the inner corner of your eye can make you look tired and old.

A tear trough is the groove on the skin that begins at the inner corner of the eye and angles down and out towards the cheek. Although named as such, the groove is not a deformity, but a natural contour due to its location on the rim of bone encircling the eye.

However, deeper grooves tend to make a person appear haggard and older. Worsening the effect is the appearance of dark eye circles (Panda eyes), which is usually caused by genetic predisposition, lack of sleep, dehydration or discolouration of the skin. In addition, the patient could have eye bags from fat prolapse and loose skin.

3 non-surgical solutions

Keeping the area around the eye hydrated will improve the fine lines around the organ. Also, stimulating collagen growth in that area will result in the skin there firming up. Unfortunately, over-the-counter skincare products will not be able to help correct tear trough deformity. Doctors treat this condition via:

  • Hyaluronic acid (HA) filler injection
  • Eye-brightening serums
  • Ultrasonic or radiofrequency collagen stimulation

HA filler injection

Some patients may only require an HA filler injection to rejuvenate and lighten the condition. The method works by plumping the lower eyelid muscles, then enhancing the effect with a thin layer of lighter HA material, such as Restylane Vital or Vital-Light, directly beneath the skin. This way, fine lines and shadows around the area are reduced.

If the patient has eye bags as well, lower eyelid or eye-bag surgery may have to be performed first before the HA filler injections are applied.

When to apply filler

Because tear trough deformity is a part of one’s appearance, filling it can make one look unnatural. It is recommended for more extenuating circumstances, such as when

  • the groove has deepened with age
  • the eye bag has grown so large that it makes the groove obvious
  • the groove in a deep-set eye creates dark shadows
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