Celebrate Flow Bar’s Maiden Anniversary with New Drinks on the Menu

  • November 1, 2022
  • 1 minute read

Flow Bar, an ingenious innovation jointly owned by a trio of culinary and cocktail experts, celebrates its first anniversary with new drinks on its fourfold-themed menu.

Inspired by co-owner and cocktail connoisseur Ricky Pavia’s beloved songs, food, cooking videos, and treasured memories, “Living Room” starts the menu off with the humble yet intricate Paloma with its tangy and luscious flavours. Peach, a sweet and mellow carbonated blend, and Celery, a succulent piquant mix, headline the “Garden” theme.

“Playground” features the She so Shiso, combining Ricky’s two most loved ingredients, the dynamic shiso and sweet melon, and the Cougar Paw, which contains an arid citrus, yet mint and bitter taste.

“Office” contains the Patina. Meant to reflect the concept of “old is gold”, this particular beverage is carefully brewed with a concoction of liquors and whiskeys and palatably esteemed with cacao ice cream.


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