The Charm of Brazilian Design Mastery

  • May 2, 2019
  • 2 minutes read

Tacchini Italia celebrates the charm of the Brazilian design At the Milan International Furniture Fair 2019 Tacchini presents the prestigious reissues of the great architect Martin Eisler and the unpublished pieces of the most visionary contemporary names, along with stories of beauty resulting from the unrivalled expertise of the tradition made in Brianza. To mark the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s demise, the word ‘genius’ has been added to the Salone del Mobile Manifesto, in tribute to the great painter’s genius. At the Milanese event, Tacchini Italia Forniture presents the Brazilian design mastery, imbued by the resplendent charm of its intelligent and sensual creativity, talent as well as its ingenious ability to think and do. Stories of beauty that reinforce the greatness of the design world of the past and today in Brazil, with an aesthetic intensity that conquers at the very first sight.

Costela, designed by Martin Eisler, 1952

Costela is an armchair that marries informal style with elegance. Characterised by sensual aesthetics, natural materials and an intelligent design, it offers sophisticated personalization. Costela represents the synthesis of the nature of a creative project. The supporting idea, from which everything starts, the beautiful wooden structure with rounded bands in the perfect embrace that welcomes both in the seat and in the backrest – not to mention the functional and aesthetic attention to details – exemplified by the horizontal and vertical placement of large cushions to guarantee complete comfort from the extremely natural style in their almost casual position.

Reversível, designed by Martin Eisler, 1955

Reversível, a historical piece of the most original Carioca design, made Tacchini fall in love with its incredible innovation. Exuding the simplicity of a line as well as a movement, this armchair transforms itself with an extremely casual elegance. Dynamic and flexible in equal measure, the re-edition of Reversível offers a double comfort thanks to the seating arrangement that can be easily positioned in two ways so as to facilitate the use of seated armchair with a straight back, or in a semi-recumbent position, to facilitate greater relaxation.

Joaquim, designed by Giorgio Bonaguro

Tacchini Italia also presents the elegant collection of Joaquim tables designed by Italian-Brazilian designer Giorgio Bonaguro, inspired by the softness of Brazilian design furniture that was designed between the ’40s and ’60s for the modernist architecture of Niemeyer, Costa, Vilanova Artigas and Bo Bardi. From the aesthetic standpoint, the geometric and linear forms of Joaquim are a tribute to the simple yet elegant lines of Joaquim Tenreiro, considered to be one of the forefathers of modern tropical design.

Lagoa, designed by Zanini De Zanine

Zanini de Zanine, a renowned Brazilian designer and son of architect and designer José Zanine Caldas, draws an unexpected armchair designed exclusively for Tacchini Italia: Lagoa. It is an armchair with a soft and rounded volume that houses a suspended seat characterised by a distinct contrast, both in thickness and olour. The extremities of this seat are inserted into the hips of the structure sliding into an all-encompassing embrace without the solution of continuity. This piece that is the epitome of brilliant creativity that takes inspiration from the softness of the local tradition – with a completely visionary spirit.

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