For centuries, food has been a necessity and pleasure around the globe, reflecting cultural identity and build connections between the places and people.
Check out the food and recipes from around the globe here.

Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse Introduces Takeaway & Delivery
  • 1 minute read
Singaporean meat lovers can heave a sigh of relief – Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse is offering takeaway and island-wide delivery in the evenings – from 5PM to 9PM – all week amidst the circuit-breaker measures. Enjoy free delivery charges for orders over $100 (An $8 delivery fee is incurred f...
A Cut Above
  • 4 minutes read
Whipping up a meal to impress your family and friends involves more than just good recipes — you need a decent set of knives as well. The first step is to understand your prep work requirements because you’ll need to use different types of knives to slice, grate, chop or cube the ingredients...
For Your Convenience: Hard Rock Café Singapore is Here to Deliver
  • 1 minute read
With all the travel restrictions and some having to work from home, Hard Rock Café Singapore has decided to step up, broadening the accessibility of their food by introducing two new initiatives – ‘Doorstep Delivery’ and ‘Drive-thru’. Doorstep Delivery Initiative Do you work ne...
Garden On Your Plate
  • 2 minutes read
Instead of just pleasing the eye, your garden can easily satisfy your taste buds and stomach as well. VEGETABLES You do not have to move to Kranji or Lim Chu Kang to set up an orchard. Common vegetables that take well to a home garden include spring onions, leeks, garlic, lemongrass, s...
Food & Drugs: A Curious Relationship
  • 3 minutes read
Most of us would consider consuming food for pleasure and consuming supplement for disease prevention as completely separate activities. But out bodies are often the victims of complicated food-drug interactions after they are metabolised. We love to eat, but we also fear being unhealthy and...
The Skinny On Fats
  • 2 minutes read
Are all types of fat bad for you? If not, what kind of fat does the body actually need? For many people, fat is a bad word. The fact is, our bodies need some of it from food sources: they help us absorb vitamins and minerals (such as vitamins A, D, E and K) and keep inflammation in check; they ar...
Loudspeakers For Alcohol
  • 4 minutes read
Can the shape of the glass really affect how you taste an alcoholic beverage, whether it is wine, beer or something stronger? THIS Quarterly investigates… I am seated at the round dining table in the home of Victor Ulrich, Vice President of Riedel Asia-Pacific at 9.30am on a Wednesday morni...
9 Health Benefits of Cinnamon
  • 2 minutes read
A common item found in kitchen pantries, cinnamon is more than just a condiment to spice up your apple pie – it has properties that could boost your health! Cinnamon trees belong to a large genus of some 250 species, most of which are aromatic. They are native to India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar a...
VUE – The Next Iconic Rooftop Bar & Grill in Singapore
  • 1 minute read
With a panoramic view of Singapore’s skyline and the stunning vistas of Marina Bay, VUE is a luxurious bar and grill restaurant that delivers an epicurean adventure amidst a unique location. Not only that, it is also Singapore’s first rooftop spritz bar, further establishing itself as an exclusi...
Street­smart Street Food
  • 3 minutes read
What is the best way to taste a country’s heritage and earns your bragging rights?  Street food! We list some must-try options from around Southeast Asia. HANOI, VIETNAM Hanoi is known as one of the world’s best food cities and you will understand why when you encounter street foo...
New World Of Wines
  • 5 minutes read
As wine appreciation continues on its global upward trend, China and India are taking their places among the world’s players. They may be the oldest historical civilisations in the world but for China and India, the motivation to be a global wine-producing country has not been a top priority. But ...
The State Of Food & Wine
  • 3 minutes read
South Australia has a heart devoted to the art of eating and drinking well, with rolling vineyards, award-winning wines, unforgettable produce markets and year-round festivals celebrating the best food and wine. WINE UNLIMITED This is undoubtedly the wine capital of Australia, producing mo...
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